october, 2021

wed20oct17:30SPECIAL FULL MOON MEDITATION - 5.30 pm17:30

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🌟 *INTENT – Preparation for downloading Higher Consciousness*🌟

On every full moon day with Deeksha from Satyaloka you can choose between two times for the live broadcast.
Language: English
2:30 pm CET and 5:30 pm CET

For those who are registered for the 74000 Deeksha Yagna

This will take you into deeper states preparing you to enlighten Humanity in Phase 3.

Full moon is considered as an auspicious day, that can generate a lot of positive energies. It is very good time to pray for the betterment of oneself and family.

On this day when human beings align their activities with this energy they reap greater benefits. One could make new beginnings on this day.

On this auspicious day,The Great Compassionate Light(Sri Paramjyothi) Full moon Deeksha is an event where members of the Great Compassionate Light Society around the world gather to receive deeksha from the Great Compassionate Light to raise the levels of consciousness and for fulfillment of worldly desires.

Anything when done collectively has tremendous power. As we all meditate together and receive deeksha it would affect each one of our consciousness in a very powerful way which in turn would affect the world around us.

In Full moon meditation the Great Compassionate Light (Sri Paramjyoti) would fulfill a desire and raise one’s levels of consciousness.

In the Full Moon Meditation, the Great Compassionate Light (Sri Paramjyoti) will raise the levels of consciousness and prepare us for the downloading of higher consciousness.

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