Maria Lúcia from Brazil realizes that when she sees anger as anger, jealousy as jealousy and she is aware of it, the emotion or feeling does not take hold of her. There are no stories. No suffering. And she experiences true freedom.

Mind’s content is still the same. Of course, I have anger, I have jealousy and all the other emotions. And life is also constantly throwing difficulties and obstacles, but these are just steps to go up faster, to go up one more step. The difference is that now I basically see clearly what it is for what it really is. I see the “what is”. And as Sri Bhagavan says, “seeing is being free”. And “seeing is the first step and the last step”. When you see anger as anger, jealousy as jealousy, when you have that awareness and consciousness of it, it doesn’t get hold of you. There are no stories. There are no stories around it. No suffering. And I experience extreme freedom, true freedom.

Lately I have realized how much Grace there is. How everything is orchestrated by Grace and how everything happens only through Grace.

Thanks so much my Lord for all these gifts you have given me. Yes, life is heaven on earth, despite whatever facts are happening in the world, especially when we have you in our lives. Thank you very much Sri Amma Bhagavan.


For me it has been a journey. Something gradual. It gets deeper and deeper as time goes on. On the first day of the course, I was so filled with gratitude. I can’t explain it, but I was very moved and deeply grateful to everyone and everything, especially to Sri Amma Bhagavan for this work and for being a part of it. And to be getting enlightenment so sought after through so many past lives.

Then I realized how happy I was. I have never been so happy in my life. Happy for no reason, happy with everything and everyone. Since then, I can’t help but smile a lot. It is contagious and infects people around me.
Before I was very worried about the future. This concern is very present in my surroundings, and I was totally influenced by it. But I had this realization. This realization that there is absolutely no future and no past. There is only the present moment. Just it. There is no destination at all. I give and try my best at every moment and that’s all there is. There are targets professionally, but only to work better. So basically, there is no fear.

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