3 packed hours 



CREATE with Tejasaji Guide is a power packed experience of self-discovery and bringing our inner and outer perceptions into coherence. We are all incredible creators. However, we generally create in an unconscious manner, producing haphazard or undesirable results. Often, we fail to achieve the desires of our hearts because of programs and conditioning. In this course, we will experience:

• Deeper awareness of how our emotions are affecting our ability to CREATE
• Shifts in consciousness
• Energy clearing & balancing
• Gifts and Miracles

In this course ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, meditations led by an awakened teacher prepare us for a powerful transmission of light so we can CREATE Abundance in all areas of our lives.

This course will be taught live from India. It is an incredible opportunity!


Next Create Course 18th July 2021: 4-7 pm . Please register with your organizers. Please find a list of organizers in your country