If you can listen to the other person
until you can clearly see the other person’s point of view,
the relationship will automatically come into order.

Sri Bhagavan


What is CREATE about?

You learn how programs in your subconscious mind control and limit your life.
In three hours you go beyond intellectual knowledge, experience inner transformation and have deep experiences with yourself.
You rise above your inner blocks – for your successful, happy and love-filled life.
You connect to the power of your inner source / the Divine – in the way you experience the Divine within you.
In the Golden Age Movement, the Divine is referred to as The Great Compassionate Light. Your Source / the Divine supports you in your worldly and spiritual growth.
Why are relationships so important?

Sri AmmaBhagavan say, “LIFE IS RELATIONSHIP.” That means everything is relationship. It is about your relationships with everything. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Nothing can exist without the other and without relationship there is no life.

At its core, however, it’s all about you. CREATE helps you to uncover the jewel within you. With the teachings and processes, you can move so much in your life. Relationships become wonderful. Your life becomes wonderful.

Soma – translated: heavenly nectar, is a substance miraculously downloaded from other dimensions by the Great Compassionate Light Sri Kalki Amma Bhagavan. Soma manifests in various forms (honey, turmeric, kumkum, sacred ash) or can be downloaded directly into the person or into blessed water. Soma activates a peak state and is the newest blessing from India!

October 18, 2023 | 6 – 9 pm
Course fee: 30 €
The course will take place online via Zoom.
Course leader:
Oneness Golden Age Movement, India




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