EKAM – The Oneness Field

What is Ekam?

 The Oneness Temple is called ‘Ekam’ in Sanskrit and ‘Oneness Field’ in English. 

Whether you are a seeker with a scientific background or a faith, we want Oneness to be universally accepted by all Seekers, from all over the world. Hence the name – The Oneness Field. For it is more than a temple, it is a Force Field.

This structure is in itself a Phenomenon because of its enormous ability to influence and elevate your Consciousness.

The architecture

The architecture is based on ancient sciences of the world, because of the special leylines, the doors, the patterns, the spires and the golden orb at the heart of it all, which makes the whole structure even more powerful – all designed to raise your spiritual energies and expand your Consciousness to transcendental realms.

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The Oneness Field is an infinite amplifier of transcendent states. Meditating here means becoming part of a Force Field of Consciousness that will bring you to Oneness. Hence the name Oneness Field.

In the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, ‘Ekam’ means the highest state of Oneness. A state of no-division and no-separation.

It symbolises the highest spiritual attainment that can be achieved.


Who is Ekam for?


Since  January 19, 2018, ‘Ekam’ is  open to all, this is truly a wonderful gift Krishna and Preetha are giving us.

With powerful meditations for fulfilling sincere intentions, and mystical processes for experiencing the Power of the Divine and the Power of Consciousness, they are creating a path for us in the ‘Oneness Field’ to reach higher levels of Awakening.

Whether you are taking a course or not, you are welcome to come and meditate in the Oneness Field. Campuses are open for your stay so that you can immerse yourself in your meditations in the Oneness Field.

For more information, please visit: https://ekam.org/

There will be visitor hours with meditations for casual visitors who come out of curiosity and there will be special times for powerful meditations and mystical processes for the serious Seekers who stay on campus.

It is Krishna’s intention to open the Oneness Field to the world with these powerful processes and meditations, so that everyone, rich or poor, sceptic or seeker, first-time meditator or seasoned meditator, can experience the Power of the Phenomenon and contribute to creating a better world.


Everyone will contribute to transforming World Consciousness.

This will be the new beginning of a phenomenal Awakening in Consciousness.

Limitless Field Meditation

Leading people into the Limitless Field of consciousness is the sacred gift Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have had or a long time now. They move into greatest states of non-duality at will and from that state generate a field which becomes a medium for seekers to experience transcendental and enlightened states of consciousness.

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Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Enlightenment is considered the greatest achievement of human life. For thousands of years, it has been the most cherished goal of seekers from all different cultures and traditions.

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Ekam Peace Festival

The Ekam Peace Festival is a movement in consciousness towards peace, it is a shift from inner division and conflict to inner peace, so it is about the change in yourself to contribute to a more harmonious, peaceful world.

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