EKAM Enlightenment Festival


In this VIDEO, Krishna and Preetha explain about the Enlightenment Festival, about Ekam, about Enlightenment, …and why it is so important for all of us.

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, there is no date yet when this festival can be held for participants outside India in 2021. Updates will follow as soon as more is known.

Please check whether your government issued a negative travel advice for all foreign travel until at least mid-March 2021 or even longer.Keep an eye on the update on travel advisories in your respected countries.

Please note that the Government of India currently has strict quarantine requirements for people wishing to travel to India, keep an eye on the Government of India information for updates: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/

EKAM Enlightenment


Registration and more information can be found via this link >

Enlightenment is considered the greatest achievement of human life. For thousands of years, it has been the most cherished goal of seekers from all different cultures and traditions.

Is enlightenment relevant today?

Or is it something that was only relevant in the past?

Or for people who are disappointed in life?

Or for those who are against organised society and civilisation?

What is Enlightenment?


  • Enlightenment is the cessation of suffering
  • Enlightenment is the cessation of the illusion of separation
  • Enlightenment is the cessation of all divisions
  • Enlightenment is awakening to bliss for no particular reason
  • Enlightenment is living undisturbed in equanimity
  • Enlightenment is the awakening to a state beyond past and future, beyond here and hereafter, beyond me and you…