EKAM Peace Festival

The last World Peace Festival  took place from 9-15 August 2020.

The World Peace Festival is not another social activism, it is not a fight against violence, it is not about changing the other person or society. It is a movement in consciousness towards peace, it is a shift from inner division and conflict to inner peace, it is about the change in yourself in order to contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful world.

To achieve this, every day during the festival an important theme will be dealt with, in which you become aware of this subject and learn what your role in this is. You can follow these lessons on your computer at home, for free, through an on-line connection with our centre, O&O Academy, in India. On the last day, the grand finale will take place, with meetings being organised all over the world to bring together as many people as possible to experience the power of working together towards a common goal.

The themes that are discussed on the consecutive days are:

  • Meditation to end the wars in the world and create a harmonious society
  • Meditation for greater sensitivity towards children and young people and to stop the violence in and against them
  • Meditation against religious unfreedom and intolerance
  • Meditation for nature and animals to stop pollution of nature and animal abuse
  • Meditation against violence against women
  • Meditation for abundance and against economic exploitation
  • Meditation for world peace and the collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future.

From 11 July onwards there was  a 28-day preparatory programme, each day you were offered a 20-minute programme online. More information and the registration link for a specific Peace Maker Telegram group where you will be further informed can be found via this link >