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Leading people into the Limitless Field of consciousness is the sacred gift Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have had or a long time now. They move into greatest states of non-duality at will and from that state generate a field which becomes a medium for seekers to experience transcendental and enlightened states of consciousness.

This field impacts people across space.

In the Limitless field meditation Preethaji and Krishnaji wordlessly connects with you and transfers blessings to fulfill your heart-felt intentions and to lead you towards a greater future.

No matter where you are as they hold you in their consciousness, the field generated by them leads you into beautiful, transcendental and enlightened state in consciousness.

As you connect to them in your consciousness, they break open the limiting barriers of your consciousness and open you up to powerful states and precious blessings.

Since your state is in continuous communication with the universe your life itself moves towards a greater order. A positive flow begins to unfold in your life leading to a influx of positive events. Every month seeks from across the world come together online to receive blessings from Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji to move into higher states of consciousness and to receive the choicest blessings they need for the hour.

New and old meditators and non-meditators, seekers and skeptics everyone is welcome to join us in this meditation for an experience of greater peace and positivity.

The Limitless Field meditation happens every month on the 3rd Sunday