The architecture of Ekam

Ekam is not an ordinary building. Ekam is filled with tremendously powerful energy. These are not just the words of Krishna, but this is science.

To understand this, you must understand five powerful cosmic principles that underlie the making of Ekam.

The Golden Ratio

The first principle is the golden ratio, it is the ratio of 1:1.618; it is a rectangle. When something is in that proportion it generates a very powerful energy in the form of a golden spiral.

Ekam is the only structure in the world that has a Golden Ratio to awaken people to Abundance, Peace and Enlightenment.

The power of the golden spiral gives you the power to jump over barriers, to jump over your obstacles; is to fulfil what you want, that is what this golden spiral does.

Surya Yantra

The second cosmic principle is that Ekam takes the form of Surya Yantra: This allows the powerful cosmic energies of the sun to enter Ekam and cleanse your spiritual body.

A place without ley lines

The third cosmic principle is that Ekam is built on a very powerful place that has no ley lines, this whole earth has ley lines that run under the ground and they are all negative energy net lines.

This is the third largest place in the whole world where there are no ley lines.

Vastu Purusha Mandala

The fourth cosmic principle is that Ekam has the mystical form of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. which means that Ekam is built on the movement of 9 planets. Therefore, it has 9 domes. The study of the movement of those 9 planets and energies of those 9 planets comes together in EKAM.

3 important properties

The fifth cosmic principle is the principle of three very important properties

  • The first is the vastu sastra – the science of architecture and design.
  • The second is the Shilpa sastra – that is the science of proportions and images
  • The third is Natya sastra – which is the science of vibrations arising from rhythms.

These three overlaps together have created a mathematical formula in which Ekam is built. That is why it is so energetic and so very beautiful. A lot of energy, thought and dedication has gone into creating this space for humanity