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Episode 7:

Script sharing Jarkko🦅❤️

Namaste. After the 3 Day Course early this year, suddenly all the inner dialogs or obsessive thinking was gone and absent.

And there was this inner silence. And with this silence, the senses was free from thinking or thoughts, where they earlier or before was packed or full of thinking or thoughts. Now there is no mind interfering.

All the colours, sounds, taste, smells can be experienced fully, and it is very amazing and joyful.

Also with the mystical shift, the sense of the self is dissolved. There was this realization, deep realization, that the self was nothing but, the mind was nothing but a thought, a concept, some kind of bundle of stories.

So there is no personal suffering and it is even hard to recall what it was like with the personal suffering. So there is no one there who needs to be free from something. There is just witnessing and experiencing whatever there is, as it is.

Where there earlier was this thinking, that this “I” is something extraordinary and life is ordinary. But now it is just the opposite: this is ordinary, but life is very, very extraordinary, joyful and amazing.

Life has become alive.

So Thank You Sri Paramjyothi Kalki Amma Bhagavan.
I am very very Grateful to have this beautiful shift.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Episode 8:

Sharing Video of Marika Gnatenk
Estonia Transcript:

Hello, I am Marika Gnatenko from Estonia and I want to give feedback on what kind of changes have taken place after joining the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna.

It has been a miraculous process for me. Constantly I find out that something inside me has changed.

I feel happy all the time.

I no longer remember when was the last time I wasn’t happy.

Before I was rather negative, I got hurt and angry very often.

Now, when I think about this feeling I can’t seem to get any contact with it.

I don’t remember it anymore.

And when someone says something to me that before would have made me angry, now I don’t take it personally anymore.

I have a feeling that for some reason the person just acted that way.

And I have felt a slight irritation from time to time, but it’s just for a small amount of time. Just for a moment.

And one day, when I noticed that people around me worry about so many small things, I thought that it’s been very long since I last worried about something.

I no longer remember how to do it.

At the same time I feel like all my friends and loved ones are always close to me.

And when I meet a stranger for the first time, there is no difference anymore.

The feeling is the same, as if I just met a good friend.

And then there is an interesting experience that I had, when one day I saw a hawk flying into the forest.

I looked at the hawk and it felt as though I could go inside the hawk.

I saw with the eyes of the hawk and felt very clearly, how we both were flying above those trees.

And I saw the view that it saw.

This was something very miraculous.

I live on the beach and I often walk along the sea.

Now I can fly along with some bird above the sea. I can see and feel what the bird is feeling – the ease of a flight.

I also have some big trees outside my window.

I feel that I can melt with those trees into one.

I can feel the feeling of a tree.

I can feel how it sways in the wind and I can see the view, that the tree sees.

These are everyday things that generate a constant feeling of happiness inside. Like everything is so good.

And soon something miraculous will happen again and it’s great all the time.

I am sure that this is possible for everyone.

I thank Sri Amma Bhagavan from my heart that my life has become so easy.

And that these miraculous changes happen to me each day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Episode 9:

Sharing Video Viveka Sweden
Script ❤️

Hello. My name is Viveka and I am from Sweden. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Sri AmmaBhagavan for this gift I got in February this year.

I have been a long time in Oneness. 2004 was the first time I visited Oneness and then I met Bhagavan. Since then I have done many deepening courses and many, many times in India and in Oneness.

So my life now is very, very easy and I feel very fulfilled and completely content. I don’t want to search anymore because I am at home with myself.

I accept myself and other people. I see my thoughts and feelings and they can just be. I witness them and that is ok.

So, my life is a flow. Everything is happening and I am not doing anything. I am just a being in the life. And before I was upset and discussing with my husband when he was upset about something, but now I just accept him and see he is ok, he can be in that.

I have challenges. My husband is not so well. He was in hospital some month ago, but I witnessed myself and I was very calm.

My calmness is always there. No one can take it away from me. It is there – deep, deep joy. Deep, deep love. And it is fantastic.

Sometimes feelings are coming up…this great love and gratefulness to Sri AmmaBhagavan. So thank you so much. I cannot express all the feelings I have.

I really wish that everyone can have this State that I have now. I really wish that. Thank you.



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