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WELCOME to the Golden Age Consciousness Meditation (GACM) with participants from all over the world. Sri Bhagavan says, “Together we can change the world if we come together in large numbers and meditate together.”

We invite you to participate in this powerful online program and feel free to invite your family and friends.


The GOLDEN AGE CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATION (GACM) is a powerful tool given to us by Sri Amma Bhagavan. During the meditation, the divine energy of the Great Compassionate Light Sri Amma Bhagavan flows from the meditators to the participants.

Participants are guided step by step through the meditation. It begins with breath observation and a powerful breathing exercise (pranayama) in preparation for receiving the energy.

Before the energy transmission, we set a powerful intention. After the transmission with eyes open, participants have time for integration, both in movement and in the resting position (Shavasana).

There are two intentions for this meditation:

  1. we ask the Golden Age consciousness – the consciousness of abundance – to flow into all participants and give them harmonious relationships, joy, happiness and peace.
  2. we set the intention that all participants receive the five qualities of Golden Age consciousness-forgiveness, gratitude, surrender, holiness, and inner integrity.

Participants report more joy, peace, happiness, and greater harmony in their relationships as a result of the meditation. They also feel more deeply connected to themselves, others, and the environment. In everyday life, they experience that the five qualities of the Golden Age-forgiveness, gratitude, devotion, holiness, and inner integrity-are more firmly anchored in their consciousness.

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