Online Golden Age Consciousness




Welcome to this online collective GACM with mediators and participants from all around the world. Sri Bhagavan says ‘When we join together to meditate in large numbers, the power is amplified and we can change the world.’ We invite you to join this powerful online program and to feel free bring your family, friends and community to join with you.

The meditation is guided in English with live translation in Slovakian, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

There are no specific requirements except an openness of mind and a grateful heart. As Sri Bhagavan says, ‘the rest I shall do’.

What is the Golden Age Consciousness Meditation?

GOLDEN AGE CONCIOUSNESS MEDITATION (GACM) is a powerful instrument gifted to us by the Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan whereby the Divine energy of the Great Compassionate Light Sri Amma Bhagavan is transferred to the recipients through the eyes of the meditators.

Participants are guided through each step of the meditation, beginning with breath awareness and a powerful breathing exercise (pranayama) in preparation to receive the energy. A powerful intention for the meditation is set before the direct transmission. After the open eye transmission there is time to integrate with both movement and rest (shavasana).

There are two intentions for this meditation: the first is to ask that the Golden Age Consciousness – the consciousness of Abundance – enter each one of the participants thereby giving us harmonious relationships, joy, happiness and peace. The second intention is to pray that each participant be given the 5 qualities of Golden Age Consciousness: namely forgiveness, gratitude, surrender, sacredness, and inner integrity.

Recipients may experience joy, peace, happiness and greater harmony in their relationships. They may also feel more deeply connected within, to others and to the world outside. Participants may also receive Golden Age Consciousness and the qualities of the Golden Age, where they may experience what inner integrity, gratitude, forgiveness, surrender, and sacredness truly are. Past participants have reported peak states or mystical experience during or after the meditation itself.

We look forward to seeing you online. Join GACM