The vision and mission of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan is to bring about the Golden Age

Unless man is transformed, you cannot create a new world

Sri Bhagavan

You were born free of division. You grew up being divided and categorised as this or that; due to society, parents, family, school, books, media etc. you have been educated and socialized. You were born free and meant to live free. This division is temporary and you would awaken to freedom by becoming a witness to life thus living a life of constant awareness. When the whole of humanity reaches there, the Golden Age would have arrived. Earth would have transformed into a world which feels like heaven.

Because of lack of unconditional love man is suffering

Golden Age has two aspects: The outer and the inner. The outer Golden Age will arise by progress in science and technology in the near future. To enjoy the outer Golden Age it has to be complemented by inner Golden Age which is characterized by causeless love, causeless joy, peace within, compassion and life in oneness.

Sri Amma Bhagavan have come as avatars to fulfill the vision and mission to establish the Golden Age.