Paramkaruna ParamJyoti


Sahasranama Homa

July 14, 2024 from 01:30 – 04:30 a.m. CEST

Live broadcast 


About this Homa

Speciality of Sahasranama Homa – Sri Bhagavan: “Every year the power is increased. In this year’s Homa, we are trying to bring you and the Great Compassionate Light closer together. We have made some preparations for you all to make it very powerful. The first thing is to resolve the unresolved issues and then get into a high state of consciousness.”
Sahasranama Homa includes a special process to receive Sri Param Jyothi AmmaBhagavan as our Antaryamin in our hearts. This applies to all registered participants. In addition to the 21 benefits, we will also receive a particularly powerful Soma.
The Homa will be transmitted online directly from Satyaloka.

The Sahasranama Homa gives participants 21 benefits covering every aspect of material and spiritual life:
1. Health and longevity
2. Wealth and prosperity
3. Successful trade/business
4. Prosperity in agriculture
5. Name & fame and reputation in life
6. Complete freedom from loans and debts
7. Work and promotion
8. For a marriage
9. For a child
10. Love and peace in relationships
11. Academic excellence
12. A happy life
13. Blessings of the ancestors
14. Protective shield for the family
15. Spiritual growth and transformation
16. Serving God and people
17. Earn good karma
18. Raise the level of consciousness
19. Connection with the Great Compassionate Light
20. Enlightenment
21. God-realisation

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