Kalki Sahasranama Hona

On July 17th, 01:30am – 04:30am the Golden Age Movement offers us a very special beneficial Homa: Sri Kalki Bhagavati Bhagavan Sahasranama Homa.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive *21 benefits* covering every aspect of our material and spiritual lives. This Homa is transmitted live by zoom directly from Satyaloka.

💫 A powerful ritual to receive 21 kinds of wealth
💫 For fulfilment of worldly and spiritual desires
💫 Powerful invocation of SRI AMMA BHAGAVAN as Yagna Purusha
💫 Powerful mantra chanting which affects your unconscious
💫 Powerful protection shield in this crisis time
💫 Receive abundant grace of SRI AMMA BHAGAVAN and experience amazing miracles in your life
💫 Rise in level of consciousness <

💫💫*21 BOONS*💫💫

💰 *Wealth*
🥇 *Swarna-Prapti(Gold)*
🏞 *Bhu- Prapti(Land)*
🚘 *Vahan- Prapti(Vehicle)*
💺 *Promotion*
🏠 *Own house*
🐄 *Pashu Sampada(Animals)*
👫 *Marriage*
🤱🏻 *Beget Children*
🧘🏻‍♂ *Health*
⏳ *Longevity*
🛡 *Divine Protection*
🤲🏻 *Donation Quality*
🏆 *Name & Fame*
🌽 *Dhanya Abhivruddhi(Harvest)*
🎓 *Gain knowledge*
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 *Love in Relationships*
🛐 *Ancestral Blessings*
🏮 *Divine experiences*
📿 *Antaryamin*
💫 *Mukti*



Here you find more information about homas and a list of some homas that are offered during the years.

Sri Bhagavan explains the effectiveness of online homas     List of homas

For registration please contact your local organizers.

Every great being/avatar has been the epicentre of instances of grace in the form of revelation, miracles, transformation or mystical experiences. Sri Amma Bhagavan are known for the astounding miracles and the varied divine phenomena that happen around them, but are unique in the annals of history for their power to enable another to transfer the state of oneness/ awakening.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan are one single avataric consciousness in two bodies. They represent stillness and movement, Prakriti – the divine feminine and Purusha – the divine masculine. Invoking their divine presence would act as benedictions, awakening one to higher dimensions of existence. Fire rituals – Homa would awaken one to the infinite power, majesty and wisdom that Sri Amma Bhagavan are.

One of the foremost and the most effective ritual right from the times of the Vedic Seers is the performance of the ‘Homa’ or the fire ritual. Based on a few amazing principles of the universe, the fire rituals are a tremendous help in keeping away the negative energies as well as drawing in auspicious energies. These powerful and elaborate rituals invoke the divine; affect the mind, body and spirit of the participant. The fire in the Homa would serve as a medium to carry prayers to the  divine. The chanting of mantras would generate divine vibrations that would help to realize prayers into reality.

For the alleviation of all problems and to help realize the four Purushartas – wealth, desire, dharma and Mukthi 

According to the shastras, wherever divine chanting takes place – the divine presence will reside there. All the varied benefits of the Homa can be reaped by chanting of the mantras at the auspicious time. Your desires will be granted, actions will be fruitful and success will be assured.

Question: Bhagavan, we receive a lot of miracles through homas. We want to know what is happening in the fire ritual homa. Thank you, Bhagavan.

Answer: Your life is controlled by a program, which is lodged in the unconscious.  The rituals help us to enter the unconscious and switch off the negative aspects and switch on the positive aspects.  When that happens, many things begin to happen. We call them miracles.

Sri Bhagavan, could you please explain the science behind the various rituals and Homas?

Answer: If there is a Tamilian and he knows no other language, you need to speak to him in Tamil alone so that he understands you. Similarly, if there is a Maharashtrian who doesn’t know any other language, you should speak to him in Marathi only so that he understands you.

The power to do miracles is in the collective consciousness, and all problems arise from the collective unconscious.

Eg. Suppose there is a man has cheated in his past life and is continuously losing money in this life due to his past actions. Homas and rituals speak the language of the collective unconscious as well as that of the collective consciousness, and hence the problem arising out of the collective unconscious gets sorted out.

Graha is a Cosmic Influencer on the living beings of earth, and Navagrahas are nine major influencers. Basically, these navagrahas are considered to be materialising the agreement that we have made with our Divine. By creating events and situations in our life, they fulfil the Divine will in our life. Navagraha Homas are the homas done for appeasement of these nine cosmic influencers to facilitate the Grace in our life to fulfil our desires and to yield Prosperity, Health and Success. These Navagrahas are influencing our life based on our date of birth, our birth sign, and also each graha is responsible for helping different professions, businesses and healing different ailments.

By participating in this Navagraha Homa as a family by giving your name and the name of your family members, you are receiving all positive energies from these Navagrahas for your family which in turn will lead to prosperity, good health, good relationship and joy in your family . The power of these homas can cross oceans and reach the person who is performing these homas. Depending on the profession that u do, the business that u do, the ailment that u have and the desire that u want to fulfil, you can pray to that graha and receive Grace. There is a saying that if Navagrahas can influence people’s life, these Navagrahas are influenced by AnuGraha ( i.e ., Grace). In these homas we are asking for Grace from Sri Amma Bhagavan or our Divine, which in turn will influence these Navagrahas to fulfil our desires.

Other important factors that influence the power you receive from these homas is the people who are doing these homas and the sthala, i.e, the place in which these homas are performed. These homas are performed by the guides of Oneness University who are trained to do these homas and have been doing these homas with the Blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan for many years and there are countless miracles happening in the lives of people who participated in these homas. These homas are going to be done in Satyaloka, the birth place of the Oneness phenomena, on auspicious days in the month of April. We welcome our Oneness community to participate in this homa with your family and receive immense Grace in your life.