Sudarshana Homa

Navagraha Homa,

March 29, 2024 from 00:30 – 07:30 a.m.

Live broadcast & translation,


About this Homa
Graha (or planet) is a Cosmic Influencer on human beings on earth and Navagrahas are nine major influencers. Basically these Navagrahas are considered to be materializing the agreement that we have made with our Divine. By creating events and situations in our life they fulfill our Agreement in our life. Navagraha Havan is done for appeasement of these nine cosmic influencers to facilitate the Grace in our life for the fulfillment of our desires and to yield Prosperity, Health, and Success. These Navagrahas are influencing our life based on our date of birth, our birth sign, and also each Graha is responsible for helping different professions, businesses, and healing different ailments.
By participating in this Navagraha Havan as a family, by giving your name and the name of your family members, you are receiving all positive energies from these NavaGrahas for your family, which in turn will lead to Prosperity, Good Health, Good Relationship, and Joy in your family. The Power of these Havans can cross oceans and reach the person who is requesting these Homas.

Surya Graha Homa – To attain higher position in any field, and also will help make you the center of attraction in everything you do.
Chandra Graha Homa – To come out of psychological obsessions and Peace of mind and to heal the Body

Angaraka (kuja) Graha Homa – To get a breakthrough in the construction of anything you own, to purchase or sell Land and to become free of all Land related tensions

Budha Graha Homa- To attain excellency in your profession and the sharpening of intellectual skills and Wisdom in Academics

Guru Graha Homa – To succeed in any court cases, to go abroad for studies or job, and to get blessed with Santana Bhagya

Shukra Graha Homa- To get prosperity in Wealth and to have a successful marriage, to have wonderful spousal relationship.

Shani Graha Homa- To minimize the effect of the seven years Shani Dosha and seek Blessings for Long Life.

Rahu Graha Homa  – To get a Life of Rajayogam (a dream life) and to receive Blessing of a state to enjoy life.

Kethu Graha Homa – Removal of Kalasarpa Dosham, Nagadosham, and to achieve a spiritual upliftment.

YOU are invited to participate in this powerful Ritual so that your life stays blessed.

With the grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan not only your personal life will change but also the life of your family members will change automatically. When your consciousness level increases, naturally the people around you change because their consciousness level is affected by yours.
Don’t miss this opportunity!

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