O&O Academy


 The O&O Academy is a school for transforming consciousness, founded by Preetha and Krishna.

Preetha and Krishna are two of the most important teachers and benefactors of our time. They have guided millions of people on an extraordinary journey to higher consciousness, a.o. by helping them find happiness, improve their relationships or health.

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O&O Academy guides people from separation to connection, from disunity to unity, from suffering to a beautiful state.

O&O Academy guides you on your personal journey of discovery. You will be guided to find inner peace and strength. You learn what spirituality means in daily life. If you join the flow of learning, you will find a new joyful way of living.


“Many religions, cultures and civilisations have come and gone.

But man’s search for a higher state of consciousness has always remained.”

Preetha & Krishna


The 5 Awakenings, an online course live with Preethaji. 19 to 21 February 2021

Experience your inner potential by awakening on five points. 




 Do you have a partner relationship and do you want it to deepen into a soul relationship? Do you want to get in touch with your soulmate, wherever he is in the world? Do you want a romantic, connected, relationship where you truly value each other? Then the upcoming Manifesto with Preethaji on 28 February is for you, because here you will learn the true meaning and essence of love and you will learn to apply this in your relationship with your partner.



EKAM circles are places energetically connected to Ekam, where the power of Deeksha flows and you can experience the power of Ekam nd the Divine.