The 5 Awakenings, an online course live with Preethaji

19 to 21 February 2021



Experience your inner potential by awakening to five points.

 Do you know that we have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day?

 Do you know that 80% of these thoughts are „old“ thoughts?

 Do you know that 80% of them are negative thoughts?

Do you want to break this pattern and access the true potential of your mind?

Then sign up for the course „The 5 Awakenings“. This course is offered online through a live connection with Preethaji.

The programme starts on Friday evening 19 February, and will be offered during the day on Saturday 20 February and on Sunday 21 February 2021. So you can easily participate from your own home.

Watch a beautiful video about ‚The 5 Awakenings‘ via the following link, in which participants share their experiences: CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO

The five Awakenings you are offered are:



  • Awaken to the divine. The divine is universal intelligence. There are states of consciousness from which you can access this understanding. On this journey you will have a direct personal experience of Divine Consciousness.
  • Awaken to the release of „addictions“. Addictions are persistent and negative habits. You will be liberated from addictive emotions, opinions and habits.
  • Awaken to lasting love. Love is more than chemistry, it is a state of Being. In this journey you will experience a love that can withstand challenges, differences and weaknesses.Awaken to your present moment. You will go beyond the fears your mind conceives for the future. Your mind has the potential to break through the pattern of imaginary fears and allow you to be in the present, thereby unfolding your creativity.
  • Awaken to the balancing of your chakras. You are more than your body and your thoughts. Everyone has a spiritual dimension within that contains the key to unlock total human potential. On this journey you will go through a mystical process of correcting the frequencies of the vibrations of your chakras, thus awakening to a state of harmony.


Does it appeal to you? More info about the times, price, as well as the registration link can be found by clicking on this link> . If you have already participated in the 5 Awakenings course and want to follow it again for a further deepening, you can order your ticket with a discount via this link>.