Soulmate Manifest, an online course live with Preethaji

28th February 2021

Do you have a partner relationship and do you want it to deepen into a soul relationship?

Do you want to connect with your Soulmate, wherever he is in the world?

Do you want a romantic, connected, relationship where you truly value each other?

Then the upcoming Manifesto with Preethaji on 28 February is for you, because here you will learn the true meaning and essence of love and you will learn to apply this in your relationship with your partner.

When: Sunday 28 February from 17:30 to 21:00.

If you have trouble with English, there will be a translation, so that’s no obstacle.

So order your ticket now, and your spot is guaranteed!

Register via this link: . You can choose between two types of tickets, „Manifest“ and „Manifest premium“ The Manifest ticket at €45,- grants you access to the three-hour live event on 28 February. With the premium ticket at €90, you get an additional two follow up calls led by a faculty member.

New for 2021 is that you can now also take out a 6-month or 12-month subscription. This subscription can be taken out at any moment and with this subscription you get a number of exclusive extras which make it very attractive. Via this link > you will find the information with all the advantages of the subscription as well as the calendar for 2021. You can order the subscription by clicking on the following link:

Manifest Calendar 2021

January 24 – The Health Manifest
February 28 – The Soulmate Manifest
March 28 – The Intelligence Manifest
April 25 – The Flow Manifest
May 23 – The Wealth Manifest
June 27 – The Love Manifest
July 25 – The Courage Manifest
August 22 – The Divine Manifest
September 26 – The Achievement Manifest
October 24 – The Vision Manifest
November 28 – The Parenting Manifest
December 19 – The New Year Manifest

Further Information about Manifest Online Courses with Preethaji