Sri ParamJyothi  Seva Samithi

Sri AmmaBhagavan Seva Samiti is a people’s movement or social wing of Ekatvam, consisting of more than 9000 dedicated volunteers or sevaks. There are over 1500 Sri AmmaBhagavan Seva Samitis spread all over the country.

Sri AmmaBhagavan says: “Human beings are controlled by Programs. Among those, the fifth Program is what has happened from the age of six until now. In this period one develops lot of perceptions about the world and people. One of the important perceptions is People are self-centred and won’t help the needy, or the world is very bad.“

Through this Seva Samiti Ekatvam is trying to change one’s fifth Program.
One who does this Seva, one who receives the help and one who witnesses this Seva, their program would be changed.

With this vision in mind, Sri AmmaBhagavan Seva samiti has been actively organising several activities across India like
🔹Tree Plantation
🔹Blood Donation camp
🔹Youth & Women Empowerment Programmes
🔹Visiting Old Age homes and Orphanages
🔹 Distribution of Notebook, Pen and School bags to school children
🔹Distribution of Groceries in difficult times
🔹Distribution of medicines
🔹Free Medical Camps
🔹Swachh Bharat
🔹Cleanliness Drives
🔹Awareness campaign
🔹Community Development
🔹Skill Development
🔹Rural Development
🔹Educational Aid
🔹Doing Seva in local temple celebrations and events
🔹Aiding the Government and other Organizations in their events and many more programs depending on the need of the people.

Through the seva samiti Ekatvam is bringing a change in the external world which would affect the inner world and bring about a shift in one’s thoughts, beliefs, perceptions that would lead us to great action which would attract success and prosperity in life.