Significance of Aalaya Darshan

The purpose of Aalaya Darshan is to bring fulfilment in Iham and Param.

What is the speciality of Indian temples?

Indian temples are built based on ancient science and technology. Most of our Hindu temples are very ancient. The real hub of the Temple is very ancient and the new additions have been built by the kings over the centuries.

A lot of famous saints and sages have come here to these temples and they have prayed. It is generally believed that their energies are stored in those walls of the temple. Millions of people over the centuries came and prayed here and experienced miracles. So many rituals are done by a particular community of people for generations. They set up a particular kind of atmosphere and the energy field there.

What happens when you attend the Aalaya Darshans online

We see the god idols in the temples. We will find sometimes 4 hands, 6 hands or 8 hands. It must be taken metaphorically, not literally. So it’s more like a symbol.

Our unconscious understands these idols and symbols because it’s all stored in the human unconscious.

You could attend Aalaya Darshan for health, wealth, relationships, success, etc. one must keep looking at the idol and hear the chants that message goes into the unconscious. Once it enters the unconscious, the whole process is set in motion and things begin to happen to you by Sri Paramjyothi’s Grace.

The Five senses of the body gets activated, if the positive energy inside the temple is absorbed properly. The senses of the Human Body are Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell.

During these online Aalaya Darshans, one’s five senses would be activated, able to absorb the positive energies, set right one’s negative programs and lead to fulfilment.