Collective Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation


Welcome to our international Online Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation with Meditators and participants from all over Europe and around the world. Sri Bhagavan says that when we meditate in large numbers that the power increases and we can change the world.  We invite you to join in this powerful online program and to bring family, friends, and community to this once monthly beautiful event.

The program is held in English, with translation in Slovakian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Held every first Wednesday of the month at 8pm CEST.

It is for everyone and may be received many times. It is non-denominational and for people of all faiths and beliefs.

What is the Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation?

The Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation is a powerful blessing gifted by the Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan of the Golden Age  Movement. This special and sacred form of meditation represents a consciousness portal to anchor and deepen the universal Presence within you. It’s an awakening to love and wisdom, to your true nature.

Participants are guided through each step of the meditation, beginning with breath awareness and a powerful breathing exercise(pranayama) in preparation to receive the energy. A powerful intention for the meditation is set before the direct transmission. The receiver then looks into the eyes of the Meditator who has prepared himself to transfer this Divine energy of Supreme Light of Supreme Love. After the transmission, there is time to integrate with both movement and rest (shavasana).

The consciousness of the Supreme Light of Supreme Love invites you to deepen your connection not only to the Presence within, but also between your heart and brain. Over time, as you participate regularly in this meditation, your heart begins to flower and you experience more joy, happiness, inner silence and peace in your life.

 As this bond grows within your heart, negative life patterns dissolve, traumas are released, deep emotional and physical healing occur.  As our trust deepens  further, we allow ourselves to be guided by this Presence in every aspect of our lives. Problems and challenges spontaneously resolve, we feel more secure, life takes on a spontaneous flow, we begin to awaken to who we truly are and we develop a sense of unity with all things.

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