EKAM Circles

After the inspiring, joyful Enlightenment festival of last December, the first „Ekam circle training“ has started. It is a three-day training in India that will be given after each festival. In it, you will be given an 8-week programme (of about 1/1/2 hours) that you can give at your home or at a specific location to people who want to know and experience the power of Ekam and transform their consciousness to a beautiful state of being.

 Ekam circles are there to help transform the consciousness. The core of many problems both individually and globally is that we are disconnected human beings. Ekam circles are meant to be a place of meditation, wisdom, love, where people can heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually and change from a state of disconnection to a state of connection.

Ekam circles are places that are energetically connected to Ekam, where the power of Deeksha flows and you can experience the power of Ekam and the Divine. It is a weekly gathering, where each week there is an intention, so that it can flow through each place. It is not an ordinary satsang but a phenomenon. It is not just a place where you learn something, but you can experience the mystical powers of Ekam there because every week in Ekam there are rituals, meditations and prayers done for that particular intention, so that in every Ekam circle this can be experienced.


We work with a piece of wisdom, a meditation and the power of Ekam and Deeksha. The programme is accessible and also easy to follow for new people.

There are eight themes:

  •    removing obstacles in the connection with the „Universal Intelligence“ or       the Divine,
  •     health,
  •     heart connections and family,
  •     prosperity,
  •     reducing stress,
  •     a joyful experience of your work,
  •     education,
  •    concentration and intelligence and finding connection and peace with           ancestors.

 Ekam Circle Training

To be able to hold a circle like this, you need to follow the Ekam circle training in India. The first circles worldwide will be given in the week of 18 January, keep an eye on the agenda on the website to find the upcoming meetings.

The training to be allowed to organise Ekam circles is offered by O&O Academy after every Ekam festival and every „Mystic“ course.

Also, an online EKAM Circle Training is regularly offered in which you will be trained to become an EKAM mitra.

Let’s set up many Ekam circles in Europe and reach new people and help them with the transformation of consciousness!