The Gift of Ananada

THE GIFT OF ANANDA – a new course

Experience causeless joy, happiness and bliss.
Join the Gift of Ananda, a wonderful new 3-hour course run by Oneness GAM India.

Can you imagine your whole being filled with bliss and joy – in just a few hours? Would you say yes?
This is what others report after attending this new course.

There is a force we call the Great Compassionate Light that is able to effortlessly give you bliss and joy.
We call this inner state of causeless bliss and causeless joy – Ananda!

The state of Ananda is a living consciousness, a higher state that brings harmony into your life.

When you receive the GIFT of Ananda, your whole world changes. When we are naturally happy, we see the world differently. We are able to enjoy our relationships and our bodies are in the best condition.

Through the grace of the Great Compassionate Light and through very sacred technologies of consciousness, you can receive the gift of Ananda!

Through the benevolent grace of the Great Compassionate Light, you can simply sign up for this sacred and powerful process and receive the gift of Ananda.

This is a course for everyone. Everyone is welcome.

We look forward to seeing you in this course. You are sure to experience heart-opening, powerful processes that lead to a groundless state of Ananda.

This course is offered monthly.

April 16, 2024 | 6 – 9 p.m.
Course fee: 30 €
The course takes place online via Zoom.
Course leader:
Oneness Golden Age Movement, India




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