Sri Amma Bhagavan ThiruKalyana Mahostavam – Special Ritual – Day of Relationship.

Tuesday June 9th, 06:30 am – 09:30 am CET

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1. VIGNESHWARA POOJA- Removal of Obstacles & Upliftment

2. GOWRI POOJA- Kalyana Varam-Pray for Life Partner or Soul Mate or Marriage

3. PUNYAHAVACHANAM – Health & Longevity

4. PAANIGRAHAM – Dharma development & Seva Bhagyam (Helping Sri AmmaBhagavan Mission & The Good Fortune of Doing Service)

5. RAKSHABANDAN – Divine Protection

6. MAHASANKALPA – Receive One Boon. (Gift)

7. MANGALASHTAKAM – Love in Relationships.

8. VASTHRA ALANKARAM – Wealth & Abundance.

9. YOKTHRA MAANGALYA POOJA – Maangalya Balam-For Partners Longevity, to Live together for a long time

10. YOKTHRA DHARANAM – Santhaana Bhagyam- Have a Baby

11. BRAHMA BANDHANAM- Bond with God