Dear Devotees how are you all ?
Remember I and Amma are always there for you and would protect you in all ways.
In order to protect you and the rest of humanity through you, I am posting the following message.
This message in India is for every devotee who has attended Parinama Yagnyas and Maha Deekshas and internationally it is for everyone who has been initiated as a Blessing giver, Deeksha giver, Golden Age Consciousnesses Meditator, Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditator and Happiness Meditator.
I want to speak to you about Deeksha today.
The Global Deeksha event on the 20th of September is a very special event.
During the Deeksha Amma and I would be flowing very powerfully through Krishnaji and Preethaji to all of you, and through you to the world.
This is a new form of Deeksha that I and Amma would be giving you through Krishnaji and Preethaji.
This Deeksha could be transmitted to you only by those who are completely in sync with us and who are concerned about the crisis being faced by humanity and only by those who could hold the intent strongly for a sufficiently long time.
This is what Krishnaji and Preethaji would be doing.
It cannot be given through touch.
This Deeksha power must be held in great sacredness. It would create great healing on the planet and would push human consciousness to higher levels along with greater Oneness between humans and all living creatures of the Earth and the Earth itself.
It is our wish that every Deeksha giver be part of this sacred act of healing the Earth.
Blessings to all.


Deeksha givers of every nation, let us invite immeasurable grace to heal our planet.
Dear Deeksha Givers of the world,
The global Deeksha event with Preethaji and Krishnaji on the 20th of September is a time for power of the Divine to flow through you to heal the world.
Thousands of Deeksha givers will come together online at the same time and give Deekshas to the world.
1. Our first Deeksha will be for protection for all the health care professionals and front liners who are serving during this crisis.
2. Our second Deeksha will be for your soul circle – for the well-being of all the people with whom you are karmically connected.
3. Our third Deeksha will be for all humanity to be healed in their bodies and consciousness and for this crisis to pass from the Earth.
Preethaji and Krishnaji will also be guiding us into a new form of Deeksha on this sacred occasion. Everyone who has ever been a Deeksha giver or a Oneness blessing giver in the past is welcome to this event.
P.S: Please invite every Deeksha giver or Oneness blessing giver you may have known in the past. Now is the time to use the Divine gift of Deeksha to heal the world.
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