Sri Bhagavan speaking about online homas


Question: Thankyou Bhagavan. Padapranams Sri Bhagavan. How would Homas work? Will online homas work as efficiently as we physically participate?

Sri Bhagavan: 

“First of all, how do homas work?

I told you that you have the Conscious Mind, the individual Unconscious, the Collective Unconscious Mind and the Cosmic Mind. So if I have to speak to a person who knows Hindi only, I have to speak in Hindi. If there is some one who knows only English like the westerners, I must speak to him in English only. Similarly the Unconscious Mind understands only the language of the Homa. Though our talking can also be understood to some extent, it is understands BEST – the language of the Homa, or the language of the Havan. That is why we do the homas.

Through this we are talking to the individual Unconscious, the Collective Unconscious as well as to the Cosmic Mind. That is the language.

Our type of languages that we talk is heard to some extent. But the language of the Homa is really heard. That is the language.

The fire ritual we do, the other things we do, the chantings we do, the sankalpas we take – all this works. A lot of background work is there. But that is how the homas work.

The question was – whether it can be done online?

Our homas are different from the traditional homas. It looks in some ways traditional, but it is not the traditional homa at all. Our homas simply run on the sankalpas of  Amma and Bhagavan. So it has nothing to do with the traditional homas. It is being used by us. That is all.

But it is our Sankalpa that matters. Our Sankalpa only makes the homa work. Now if I have to put somebody there, some unknown person and tell a lot of people, ‘go and take blessings from that Man’, it will work for you. He knows nothing. But simply I take a sankalpa that the blessings should flow through him. And the blessings will flow to you. He could be a complete zero. He may know nothing.  Just a human being through which we can flow.

Or if I don’t have a human being, I can put a stone there, or put a tree there. I can use my sankalpa or Vaakshakti and tell, ‘go and touch this tree, you will get this. Touch this stone, you will get this’. That will work. How does a Dasa work? I take a sankalpa that this Dasa should do this program and the Grace should flow to you through them. That is all. The Dasa is doing nothing. Instead of a Dasa, I can use a stone also. It will work. But It will be difficult for you to relate to a stone and easier to connect to a Dasa.

But the problem is that you often mistake that the Dasa is only doing it. Like you mistake the Priest to be God there. That is your problem. That is the problem with the Dharma. You mistake the priest for the God there.

So I can use anybody. I can use an Indian, I can use an American, I can use an African, I can use anybody. I can use an animal if I want to. I can use a cow and give you Deeksha. I can use a tree or stone. It is only our sankalpa. It is Ammabhagavan’s sankalpa. We are prepared for this for centuries. So we do that. That you must see. If you don’t see that, what is the point? That is the whole problem with the Dharma (Movement).

So similarly, the Havans, whether it is physical or Online, it does not matter. It is our Sankalpa that matters. We can generate as much power or more power also. Our sankalpa is what matters.

Today the situation is such that we cannot call you here, you cannot come here. The government cannot agree for that. The Government has politely told us, ‘please don’t do those things’. And we have to go through the laws. So these situations have come. But that is no loss. We can do it anyway. The same thing we can do online too.

We can also go for online mystical surgeries. Instead of asking you to come here we can do it at your homes. So the online homas will be as powerful and more powerful too. If we have taken the sankalpa, it should deliver the goods.

It is only our sankalpa that matters for every thing. Nothing else”.