Sri  Amma Bhagavan’s teachings are pearls of wisdom that takes one to inner growth and self discovery. These teachings bring about a shift in every individual, in their thought process, their perceptions and the way one experiences the world. 

Each of their teachings can be experienced and verified. hence they become not just knowledge but a powerful wisdom leading to personal insights. They basically help the individual to move from a state of mere existence to true livingby raising their  consciousness levels. 

Proper understanding and application of these teachings in our daily lives allow us to cope with difficulties, overcoming fears and getting to awakening, enlightenment and connection with the Divine. This transformation would result in a better self, enhanced familiy relationship, an enlightened society and ultimately into the oneness of humanity as a whole. 


Sri Amma Bhagavan are loved, revered and related to across the world as friends, philosophers, world teachers and avatars. Sri Bhagavan’s singular passion has been to liberate humanity from suffering.

The power of Sri Amma Bhagavan’s presence has been a very magical and liberating experience for those who had the opportunity of interacting with Sri Amma Bhagavan or being in their physical presence or seeking their help or just listening to their wisdom. Such people have received miracles, solutions to their problems, freedom from their suffering and a shift in consciousness by the grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Teachings, once they are internalized, they destroy negative patterns and create positive ones. – Sri AmmaBhagavan



Science, secrets and the law of miracles.

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